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Aspire to be the open yet secure collaborative government of the future by delivering on innovative public service offerings in real-time

From smart cities to smart policies to smart governance to smart services, highly efficient and automated government & public sector operations need to capitalise on their considerable data assets in real-time with speedy outcomes. Data driven AI analytics will lie at the heart of this, and with the real-time growth in volume spread over a wide geography and accessing different types of complex data, the only way to achieve this in short time and on an on-going secure and governed manner, is through Logical Data Management. Denodo is the long established clear market leader in this space. Learn how we can help you with innovation.

Public Sector Customer Video

Statistics Estonia Uses Denodo to Provide Better Official Statistics

Statistics Estonia is the biggest Estonian government agency, a part of the Ministry of Finance, responsible for producing official statistics regarding Estonia. As part of their data infrastructure modernization process, they implemented Denodo Platform, to seamlessly migrate from ordinary Oracle to Exadata, without statisticians knowing about the underlying changes. Denodo accelerates big/advanced query scenarios and helps statisticians with easy data browsing, data access and data management. Listen to Tauno Tamm, Chief Data Officer at Statistics Estonia, to learn how they plan to provide critical statistical information to external statisticians, analyst and data scientists, some of whom are part of Eurostat.

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Solution brief

Logical Data Management Approach for Smart Government

Public sector organizations globally face operational, regulatory, organizational, and cultural challenges as they strive to enhance agility, resilience, relevance, and reliability. Prioritizing digital transformation involves the formulation of a robust data strategy.

Explore this industry brief to discover strategies for optimizing data utilization, driving productivity, enhancing citizen experiences and services, and facilitating rapid responses to crises.

Public Sector

Real-Life Success Stories

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Analyst Report

A Road Map to ESG Powered by Data Virtualization

Data lies at the heart of an ESG framework, yet it remains a major hurdle. For most organizations data is stored in numerous different silos, from mainframes, to mid-range servers, different data warehouses, and of course the cloud. Enterprises have difficulty bringing all of this data together in a coherent way – and if they cannot, risk their ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives failing. They need to be able to monitor, manage and enhance their sustainability plans, and that requires consistent, joined-up data.

Read this IDC Spotlight to understand how well-managed data – captured from numerous systems, business units, and geographies – is key in supporting broader ESG frameworks.


Data Virtualization for Dummies

Learn how data virtualization will benefit your organization.

Organizations are challenged by ever-growing, increasingly diverse data volumes. With the proliferation of multiple information channels, organizations must store, discover, access, and share massive volumes of traditional and new data from many different sources.

Data virtualization is a leading approach to logical data integration, management, and delivery. It transcends the limitations of traditional techniques by delivering a simplified, and integrated view of trusted business data in real time, as needed by consuming applications, processes, analytics, or business users.

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If you are looking to modernize your data architecture, including the integration of cloud data lakes, look no further. Leverage Denodo’s extensive experience to simplify your data landscape's growing complexity, reduce time-to-value, and improve decision-making, all while ensuring compliance.

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