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Paul Moxon

SVP Data Architecture & Chief Evangelist

Public Sector organisations are driven by data now more than ever before and without consistent and accessible data, problems arise and your ability to deliver quality services is hampered. In today’s landscape, those organisations that are ‘data-driven’ have accelerated business operations by gaining real-time insights from their data. The world is now run on data and as more public sector organisations start to embrace data agility & performance, data integration and data abstraction, then the more efficient they can become.

Today’s learning exchange will explore this very pertinent topic for the public sector as we discuss:

  • Gathering, connecting and transforming data silos
  • Reducing data movement and replication
  • Supporting business operations and the front line with real-time insights
  • BI & Analytics avoid the risks of missing critical information & opportunity
  • Tackling Covid with data (delivering relevant information to those that need it)
  • Future proof your data to meet new demands
  • Governance, compliance and security all taken care of
  • What steps to take now…

Hosted by GovNews and in partnership with Denodo, recognised by Forrester as a global leader in data fabric technology, we will facilitate a 1 hour knowledge exchange featuring public sector best practice, the experiences of HMRC and a Q&A opportunity for delegates.

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