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Today’s customers are mobile, empowered, and demanding. They expect fluid interactions across channels and geographical boundaries, and if they cannot get their needs met from one provider, they can easily switch to another. Established companies now have to compete with large numbers of nimble, disruptive newcomers. In such an environment, digital transformation is not a luxury but a core requirement.

However, digital transformations are not trivial. They require companies to overcome a number of challenges, including:

  • Data is stored across different systems, such as cloud and on-premises systems, which makes it difficult and time consuming to integrate the data.
  • Even within the same big data implementation, many sources are stored in functionally separate areas.
  • Traditional data warehouses cannot accommodate streaming or transactional data sources, further inhibiting data integration.

Working together, iOCO and Denodo enable companies to overcome each of these challenges, so they can engage in successful digital transformations, gain all of their expected benefits, and remain competitive in the face of digital disruption. Learn more about the partnership and power of iOCO and Denodo together.

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