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Sushant Kumar

Product Marketing Manager

Katrina Briedis

Principal Product Marketing Manager

It's not if you move to the cloud, but when. Most organisations are well underway with migrating applications and data to the cloud. In fact, most organisations - whether they realise it or not - have a multi-cloud strategy. Single, hybrid, or multi-cloud…the potential benefits are huge - flexibility, agility, cost savings, scaling on-demand, etc. However, the challenges can be just as large and daunting. A poorly managed migration to the cloud can leave users frustrated at their inability to get to the data that they need and IT scrambling to cobble together a solution.

In this session, we will look at the challenges facing data management teams as they migrate to cloud and multi-cloud architectures. We will show how the Denodo Platform can:

  • Reduce the risk and minimise the disruption of migrating to the cloud.
  • Make it easier and quicker for users to find the data that they need - wherever it is located.
  • Provide a uniform security layer that spans hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

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