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Organizations worldwide are adopting a variety of the public cloud service providers (i.e. AWS, Google, Microsoft) and each have a portfolio of storage, compute, network, and security options. All of which create significant challenges in managing a hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise architecture. Even worse is the impact to the governance and integration of data from the clouds and physical infrastructure to support the broad array of analytics and operational requirements.

Can one public cloud provider meet all your needs today and in the future? How do you manage across multiple public and private clouds you have today and where your data exists? And, how would you manage and operate your multi-cloud and on-premises systems to gain value from your data in any of them? The Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research, Mark Smith, will expound the challenges and path ahead for virtualization and integration of your data and the clouds, setting an architectural path for best success.

Visit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2021 page for details on all the sessions.

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