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Elaine Chan

RVP Sales, ASEAN & Korea

Chris Day

Director, APAC Sales Engineering

In the last few years, Data Virtualization technology has experienced tremendous growth, emerging as a key component for enabling modern data architectures such as the logical data warehouse, data fabric, and data mesh.

Gartner recently named it “a must-have data integration component” and estimated that it results in 45% cost savings in data integration, while Forrester has estimated 65% faster data delivery than ETL processes.

However, there are still misconceptions in the market about data virtualization technology, how it can be leveraged, and the real benefits that it can provide.

Catch this on-demand session where we review these misconceptions and discuss:

  • What data virtualization is and what it is not
  • Key capabilities of a modern data virtualization platform
  • How to leverage data virtualization for faster data delivery

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