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The Denodo Partner Summit is an invitation-only event for Denodo Partner executives, sales leaders and technical practice heads. This 4-hour thought leadership summit is designed to help you accelerate your data and analytics business by delivering on the hottest trends and solution plays leveraging logical data management from an industry leader - Denodo!

The summit gives you opportunities for executive networking and discussions on channel strategy, effective sales plays, trending technology solutions, and alignment with Denodo’s growth vision and product roadmap. As a result, we help you map out an action plan to build a more progressive and profitable data practice.

It's also a time to celebrate and draw inspiration! As part of this event, we will recognize our top-performing partners and their incredible achievements when we announce the Denodo Global Partner Awards for 2021.

Hear from your peers! 50% of the content/agenda will feature successful Denodo partners and their winning strategies.

Watch the Denodo CEO keynote and executive panel.

Engage in breakout tracks by solution and sales plays.

Draw inspiration from Denodo Partner Awards.

Participate by voting for best sessions, myth busters and solutions.


Get Ready to launch! Join us for the official inauguration of the Denodo Partner Summit.
2021 - Partner Success Highlights
Kickoff with success! Hear a cross-section of partners share their success stories, describing the customer value driven when using the Denodo Platform.
Denodo CEO Executive Panel - Denodo Vision, Strategy & Roadmap for Success with Partners
Get in sync with Denodo's strategic direction! Denodo's founder and CEO, Angel Viña, calls upon his executive team in a panel to highlight Denodo's overall strategy and growth vision, the role of partners, and the support provided to partners by Denodo. Chosen executives including our CCSO (Chief Customer Success Officer), CMO, COO, and CTO will share 2021 highlights of success working with partners and end customers as a model for joint growth in future.
Denodo CTO Technical Panel - Denodo & Logical Data Management Vision is Quintessential to Your Data Strategy
Our vision is our compass! Denodo's best technical minds led by our CTO, Alberto Pan, will share how Denodo's vision for logical data management is ever-more important in a heterogenous, dynamic data landscape feeding both analytics and data-driven applications. They will make intuitive the key pillars of this vision - logical abstraction, semantic data layer, broad integration capabilities (Connect & Collect), active metadata, single source of truth, unified governance, AI/ML driven automation and performance, and data marketplace - all enabling a move to democratization of data access to power business goals. In addition to the vision, they will reveal key new advances that are coming in the product in 2022.
Customer & Partner Success Stories
Success is not given, it is earned! In this first series of short clips, Denodo partners share how they approached customers to value-sell the Denodo Platform. They illustrate the consultative sales strategy used to highlight how Denodo fits against current business needs, and ability to enable strategic longer-term outcomes for the customer ... and how in this process they became more trusted advisors to the client.
Customer & Partner Solutions Showcase
The best solutions are often simple! In this series of clips, Denodo partners share innovative yet streamlined solutions at customers who use the Denodo Platform to simplify data access and delivery in a complex and dynamic data landscape with a logical data fabric architecture. Each variant of this theme illustrates how easy-to-implement, agile, and flexible data virtualization solutions can be, even when faced with mixed and ever changing workloads and technology trends.
Executive Sales Enablement - The Total Economic Impact & ROI of the Denodo Platform
Win the minds of economic buyers! Forrester Research published the Total Economic Impact (TEI) report on data virtualization in 2021. This session will explain how to showcase the power and value of data virtualization in business terms - cost savings, reduced risk, and accelerated time to market - all based on validated Denodo customer interviews. Our CMO will share key findings and how to use the report in your sales cycle.
Myth Busters Game Panel - A Fun Way to Learn about Data Integration Myths
Be a myth buster! In this participative session, you will be challenged to debunk some of the top myths on modern data strategies and data virtualization. Award-winning Denodo partners will submit different viewpoints on these myths/topics and everyone in the audience will vote to choose the best answers. Topics and myths will include:
  1. Data consolidation strategy in a cloud data lake / warehouse/ lakehouse - Is it all you need?
  2. Data integration - What are the best solutions?
  3. Performance at scale - Are the limits physical vs perceived and what drives them?
  4. Security and governance - What is the best place to apply them?
  5. Data services - Uniquely different or common to both BI/analytics and API-based applications?
  6. Data technologies -- Data stores, processing engines, BI/ visualization tools, virtualization / data fabric and catalog - how interchangeable or overlapping are these tools and do I need them all?
Technical Sales Enablement - How to Position Denodo in the Modern Data Architecture
Modern data architectures have different flavors - data fabrics, data hubs, data vault, data lakes, lakehouses and datamesh to name a few. We will discuss the relevance of data virtualization in all of these architectural styles and the power it brings.
Business Sales Enablement - Use Cases & Solution Plays for Selling the Denodo Platform
The Denodo Platform has many use cases. In this brief session we will hone in on our top three use cases from 2021 and highlight the value the solution brings.
Solution Selling Breakout 1: Industry-Based Solutions
Meeting of the Industry Minds! In this interactive session, you will come together with your peers with experience in your chosen vertical and discuss the challenges you faced and the ways you achieved success in positioning Denodo to solve industry use cases. Our experienced Regional VPs will be both moderating and take your suggestions on ways Denodo can help!
  1. Banking, financial services, insurance
  2. Manufacturing, retail, logistics, energy & utilities
  3. Healthcare, life science & pharmaceutical
  4. Telecommunications, media & entertainment
  5. Public sector, education, other services
Solution Selling Breakout 2: Horizontal-Based Solutions
Meeting of the Solution Minds! In this interactive session, you will come together with your peers with experience in horizontal-based solutions and discuss the challenges you faced and the ways you achieved success in positioning Denodo to solve common horizontal use cases. Our experienced Solutions Consultants will be both moderating and take your suggestions on ways Denodo can help!
  1. Agile BI & Advanced Analytics - in Hybrid/Cloud
  2. Data API Strategy for Modernizing Applications
  3. Data Marketplace (Semantic Data Catalog with Governed Self-Service)
Technical Selling Breakout 3: Technical Topics
Meeting of the Technical Minds! In this interactive session, you will discuss with your peers the most pressing technical challenges in modern data management. Our Senior Product Managers will moderate and share tips on how the advanced capabilities and AI/ML enhancements in the Denodo Platform can help you differentiate and be a game changer for your customers. We will also take your suggestions on ways Denodo can help!
  1. Security, Masking, Privacy, Governance, Policies, Audit - Capabilities and Points of Control
  2. Performance & Scalability - Automatic and Tuning Options for Hybrid Workloads
  3. Modeling a Semantic Data Layer - Tools and Best Practices
Awards & Close
Let's celebrate! Join us for the official recognition of our top-performing partners and their incredible achievements during this Denodo Partner Awards ceremony.

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Wed 23 Feb, 2022

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