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Noel Yuhanna

VP, Principal Analyst

It is no more an argument that data is the most critical asset for any business to succeed. While 85% of organizations want to improve their use of data insights in their decision making, according to a Forrester Survey, 91% of the respondents report that improving the use of data insights in decision making is challenging. To make data driven decision, organizations often turn to the data lakes, data lakehouses, cloud data warehouse etc. as their single source data repository. But the hard reality is that data is and will be spread across various repositories across cloud and regional boundaries.

Learn from renowned Forrester analyst and VP at Forrester, Noel Yuhanna:

  • Why Data Fabric Is the best way to unify distributed data
  • How Data Fabric be leveraged for data discovery, predictive analytics, data science and more
  • Why data virtualization technology is key in building an Enterprise Data Fabric

Visit the Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2022 page for details on all the sessions.

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