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Jacqueline Bloemen

Senior Analyst

Timm Grosser

Senior Analyst Data & Analytics

Thomas Zeutschler

Senior Analyst

Data mesh, what lies behind this hot buzzword?

Data mesh is a concept that focuses on the decentralized creation and responsibility for data products in the line of business, based on a self-service analytics infrastructure and federated data governance with a high degree of automation.

BARC has surveyed companies worldwide to examine how they view data mesh and how relevant the concept is in terms of their data democratization journey. It explores the organizational and technical directions enterprises are currently choosing and the experience they have gained so far.

It has been confirmed that all the pillars of data mesh are highly relevant to most organizations, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and each company must adapt the data mesh toolbox to their own reality and supplement it with other measures.

Read this topical survey for further insights from the survey findings.

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