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Vijayalakshmi Mani

Data Engineer

Proper monitoring of an enterprise system is critical to understanding its capacity and growth, anticipating potential issues, and even understanding key ROI metrics. This also facilitates the implementation of policies and user access audits which are key to optimizing the resource utilization in an organization. Do you want to learn more about the new Denodo features for monitoring, auditing, and visualizing enterprise monitoring data? 

Join us for the session with Vijayalakshmi Mani, Data Engineer at Denodo, to understand how the new features and components help in monitoring your Denodo Servers and the resource utilizations and how to extract the most out of the logs that the Denodo Platform generates including FinOps information.

Watch on-demand and Learn:

  • What is a Denodo Monitor and what’s new in it?
  • How to visualize the Denodo Monitor Information and use of Diagnostics & Monitoring Tool
  • Introduction to the new Denodo Dashboard
  • Demonstration on the Denodo Dashboard

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