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Though the supply chain delivers goods, it is controlled by data. The main limitation of traditional datawarehouse-based data infrastructures is that they are not built to support real-time use cases. Instead, they are designed to store and process large volumes of structured data and make it available for reporting via the delivery of large, scheduled batches. Data is delivered to traditional data warehouses via multiple extract, transform,  and load (ETL) processes. Also, because traditional data warehouses require structured data, they cannot accommodate many modern data types, such as streaming and cloud data, which is an additional limitation.

This whitepaper discusses data fabric as an effective alternative. Data fabric is a logical data management solution that can prepare organizations for the slightest change in supply-chain dynamics. The paper begins with a summary of the most disruptive supply-chain challenges, proceeds to a description of data fabric, explains how data fabric can overcome each of the challenges of traditional data warehouses.

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