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InsurTech Hartford Symposium 2024

We are thrilled to be a sponsor at the InsurTech Hartford Symposium. The event pushes the boundaries of innovation in insurance by bringing together the latest technology and top talent to a whole new level with a highly immersive experience. Hear from Denodo and thought leaders from top insurance companies discuss how insurers leverage data analytics to shape the future of the industry.

Join Denodo's exclusive session on "Emerging Risks: Using Data to Price the Unpriced" on Thursday, April 18th between 9:15 am to 9:50 am.

TOPIC: Tackling Emerging Risks Uncover the power of data in pricing unpriced risks. Explore how insurers leverage data analytics for accurate and informed pricing strategies, shaping the future of insurance pricing.


• Moderator: Sridhard Manyem, Sr. Director at AM Best

• David Reale, Head of Disruptive Technology at Travelers

• Ian Boyer. Head of Business & Chief Underwriting Officer at The Hartford

• Parker Thompson, Regional VP and GM – NA East at Denodo


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