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3rd Edition Future of Data & AI Summit and Awards 2023

All over the world, organizations are harnessing the true power of data and analytics strategies to optimize decision-making. Data is the doorway to new business models, faster time-to-market and provides competitive differentiation. By leveraging AI, data can be efficiently managed for descriptive, predictive, and now cognitive analytics, leading to new business models. Melding of AI with massive data is determining how organizations get actionable intelligence and operationalize data pipelines that reshape their successes in the digital economy.

Denodo is the Platimun Partner for the 3rd Edition Future of Data & AI Summit and Awards 2023. It is a premier knowledge exchange platform that brings together senior leaders who have embraced the effective strategies for managing their data embedded into data management tools. During this session, you will learn how to cultivate an innovative data culture, harness data governance strategies, optimize your business insights, and monetize your data to maximize your ROI.

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