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Financial Information Management (FIMA), launched in 2005 is the leading data management event for financial services in the US. Born as a reference data management event, FIMA has evolved over the years to cover various types of data sets to help the industry remain in compliance with regulations, while shifting toward offensive data management to deliver value to the business. FIMA is an one-stop shop for all things data management specific to financial services; an event where inspiration meets innovation; socializing meets ROI. Denodo will be sponsor for the event and will be taking part in the following panel discussion, in addition to having a booth at the event. 

  • Topic: Keeping Data Protection in Mind When Migrating to the Cloud
  • Panelists: Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing, Denodo; Om Patri, Polar Asset Management; Stephen Gatchell, BigID; Olga Maydanchik, Voya Financial

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