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IDC Future of Digital Infrastructure Forum: Investing in a Business Outcome-Driven Digital Infrastructure

Denodo is a proud Gold sponsor of the coming IDC conference: Future of Digital Infrastructure Forum : Investing in a Business Outcome-Driven Digital Infrastructure”. This event will take place in Almaty, Kazakhstan on Thursday March 30, 20223.

This conference will highlight the constant need of modernization and development of the IT infrastructure of large companies. However, in terms of budget, scope of work and complexity, this modernization project can become a nightmare. Access to data and core functionalities must be preserved.

Attend our panel session at 12:25 with Alexander Prokhorov, our devoted Sales Director for CIS countries: “Modern Infrastructure for Working with Data in the Company", where he will present a single platform for data access, regardless of where your data is located and how to reduce ROI and TCO by implementing a logical data platform.

This modern platform enables safely combining data without physically moving it from sources which preserves of investments in previously created data warehouses. You will see how to empower your employees to quickly find their most up-to-date data to rapidly create reports in self-service. Manage your costs and therefore optimize your IT legacy.

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