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Lunch & Learn Australia: Accelerating your Data Science Initiatives with Denodo

Advanced data science techniques, like machine learning, have proven to be extremely useful to derive valuable insights from your data. Data Science platforms have become more approachable and user friendly. With all the advancements in the technology space, the Data Scientist is still spending most of the time massaging and manipulating the data into a usable data asset. How can we empower the data scientist? How can we make data more accessible, and foster a data sharing culture?

Join us at our September Lunch & Learn and we will show you how Data Virtualization can do just that, with an agile and AI/ML laced data management platform. It can empower your organization, foster a data sharing culture, and simplify the life of the data scientist.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How data virtualization simplifies the life of the data scientist, by overcoming data access and manipulation hurdles.
  • How integrated Denodo Data Science notebook provides for a unified environment
  • How Denodo uses AI/ML internally to drive the value of the data and expose insights
  • How customers have used Data Virtualization in their Data Science initiatives.

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