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Nashville Technology Council Analytics Summit

The Nashville Analytics Summit focuses on fundamental issues in organizations today: how to effectively leverage big data and analytics. This two-day event alternates between hands-on workshops and speaker presentations, presented by experts from various industries and backgrounds.

Denodo speaker: Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management

Title: Accelerating Time to Value with a Logical Architecture

As the data landscape evolves, we find ourselves facing new data challenges. Organizations own massive amounts of data and invest great resources into its management. Nevertheless, are they getting the value from their investment? Stale, ungoverned, or inaccessible data is driving the organizations to revisit their approach to data management. This propels the need for logical architectures such as a Logical Data Fabric, and powers the development of new concepts as Data Mesh. The data landscape is in constant motion, and we need to create an agile architecture that is easily adaptable for the future. Technology is not standing still, and we must use its continuous evolution to accelerate time to value.

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