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Kevin Bohan

Director of Product Marketing, Denodo

Are data silos slowing you down? Can your business benefit from a culture of data self-service? What if everyone in your organization could tap into the data they need, anytime, to achieve business success?

In this webinar, Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing with Denodo, explains how logical data management enables data self-service and data democratization empowering instant insights and unlocking the full potential of your data. Through real-world success stories, learn how to transform data into a powerful business asset.

Attend and Learn how to:

  • Liberate your organization’s data assets for improved decision-making and innovation
  • Address the challenges of data fragmentation and the overreliance on IT for data access and reporting
  • Gain a unified, business-friendly view of data across the enterprise, simplifying data access
  • Empower business users to create a culture of enhanced productivity and decision-making
  • Realize immediate benefits, including saved costs and improved data quality


2024-06-13 11.00 am SGT / 1.00 pm AEST


2024-06-13 10:30 am IST / 2.00 pm KST

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