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Support Services


Denodo is committed to helping you succeed with the Denodo Platform through our comprehensive network of technical support and services. Customers may contact us through their Local Denodo Support Centers to open a new Service Request (SR) or to follow up on an existing SR by email, via the web, or by telephone.

Support Services

Denodo Support Resources

Denodo provides a comprehensive global network of technical support, resources and services so you can be confident that you are partnering with an organization that is fully committed to your ongoing success now and in the future.

Standard Support

Designed for subscription or perpetual licenses in production environments.

Premium Support

Standard support benefits plus 24x7 global coverage, faster response, and extended version support.

Support Services

Quotes from Customers

Government Authority

"Your support service is one of your corporate strengths! You provide above and beyond service which we greatly appreciate."



"You handle everything! Even sources or drivers you don't officially support. Your team is dedicated to meeting the customer's need. I do not get this kind of great experience with many of our other vendors."


logo Autodesk



"We like is not only for issues, but also to answer what could be seen as a trivial question, but is important to us."

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