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The Denodo Platform exposes data from sources, applies business rules for quality monitoring, and creates a proper interface that can be consumed by multiple downstream users.

Chief Architect and Chief Data Officer

CIT Group is a $3.5B United States financial holding company, founded in 1908. CIT provides commercial financing, lending, leasing, and advisory services to small and middle market businesses across more than 30 industries.

When a bank becomes a systemically important financial institution (SIFI), failure is not an option. This is why the CIT Group, when it became a SIFI after acquiring a large retail bank, implemented the Denodo Platform.

Too Big to Fail

Being a SIFI, CIT Group was subjected to stringent regulatory oversight, and needed to demonstrate that it could enable intercompany data transfers with a complete understanding of lineage from source to destination. The Denodo Platform enables CIT Group to quickly and easily integrate new data sources and facilitate the management and movement of data, all while maintaining end-to-end lineage reports.

By establishing a unified data services layer, the Denodo Platform ensures that everyone consumes data from a single source of the truth while reducing unnecessary data copies. The Denodo Platform enables faster time-to-market and incremental information delivery, ultimately maximizing the value that CIT Group realizes from its data.

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