A Modern Data Integration Approach to Transform and Amplify Your Business (데이터 버추얼라이제이션 ; 비즈니스 혁신 및강화를 위한 최신의 데이터 통합 접근법)

Presentation by Myoungsun Namkung, Country Manager, Korea at Denodo.

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Myoungsun Namkung
Myoungsun Namkung Country Manager, Korea Denodo

In this session we will look at the key trends in data integration and in particular the role of the data fabric. We will discuss the physical v’s logical approaches and how data virtualization is a key technology to power the logical data fabric. The session will also cover how quick a return on investment may be achieved, examining the ke y findings of the Forrester total economic impact report and data virtualization.

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