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How do I register for a Denodo certification exam?

On the Denodo education site, all of the available certifications are listed. Once you have selected your certification exam, click the exam title for a more detailed page,  and then click on the “BUY THIS EXAM” button.  

After registering, you will receive an email with all the necessary information about the Denodo certification exam. 

When can I take my Denodo certification exam?

You can take the exam at any time.

How can I retrieve my forgotten password?

If you have already created a Denodo Community account, click this link to easily create a new password.

What is your refund policy?

After purchasing an exam, there are no refunds.

Are there prerequisites? Do I need to take a training course before taking a Denodo certification exam?

There are no prerequisites before taking a Denodo Certification exam, however we recommend that you take the Denodo training course related to the exam beforehand. Please note, these training courses are not a guarantee that you will earn a Denodo Certification, practical work is also required.

If you need more information about the recommended training courses for every Denodo Certification exam, visit the Denodo Certification page in the Denodo Site.

Do I need a Denodo Community account to take the Denodo Certification exam?

Yes. If you don’t have one,  an account will be automatically created for you during the purchase process, and the information related to this account will be included in a welcome email. 

How many tries do I have when I purchase a Denodo certification exam?

Each exam registration qualifies you for one attempt. 

How can I prepare for my exam?

The Denodo Community is the place where you have access to information that can help you to learn more about the Denodo Platform, Denodo Express and Data Virtualization. In the Denodo Community you have access to the following resources:

  • Denodo Express: Get Denodo Express for free. 
  • Tutorials: Take the first steps to your Data Virtualization success.
  • Knowledge Base: Explore the technical articles in our knowledge base.
  • Official Manuals: Get deeper knowledge with our documentation.
  • Q&A: Connect with other Denodo professionals, checking questions or adding new ones. 
  • Videos: Short, how-to videos that help you with specific topics.

Finally, we recommend that professionals looking to achieve a Denodo certification start by looking at our Denodo training offering. For more information, visit the Denodo Education Site.

Taking the Exam

How do I launch my exam?

Once you have received your welcome email and your Denodo Community account is created, access the Denodo Certification site and, when you are ready, click on the “Take exam now” button to launch your exam.

What are the technical requirements for taking an exam?

A computer, and an Internet connection.

For Professional Certification exams, you will also need a webcam. Before accessing the exam, please check your system compatibility; you may need to update your browser or download a plugin.

Before starting the exam, you should give access to your webcam and your screen.

Do I need to provide any information to access the exam?

To access the exam you have to enter your name, last name, email address, and company. It is important to use the same email address that you provided during the purchase, or you will be denied access.

Before starting a remote proctored Professional Certification exam, you may be required to hold up your ID documentation (for example your driver’s license, passport, or other approved form of ID) for the purpose of identity verification. The platform will take a picture of your face and your ID. This does not apply for Associate Certification exams.

Does the exam offer any type of proctoring?

The Denodo Certified Professional program offers exam taking with an approved webcam, through Mettl’s online proctored services.

Does the platform have access to my computer or its contents?

No. The platform will only take pictures of your screen and your exam if it detects any abnormal behavior.

What happens to the pictures of my screen? Who has access to those?

Denodo Technologies offers exam taking through online proctored services, which means you will be monitored over the Internet through your computer via the webcam and microphone.

All the pictures and screenshots taken during the exam will be shared in the final report that is sent to you with your results.

What are the exam rules?

The rules are:

  • You must be alone during the exam.
  • You must not talk during the exam.
  • You are not allowed to wear headphones.
  • You are not allowed to use of smart phones or other electronic devices.
  • Do not take screenshots of the exam environment.
  • Your face must be clearly visible at all times.
  • Do not leave the webcam view for any reason during your exam.
  • Do not cover the webcam during the exam.
  • You are not allowed to navigate away from the exam window during your exam.

If any of the above rules are broken, you will not pass the exam.

What happens if I break any of the rules?

Any violation of the rules may be considered fraud and can immediately end your exam. If this event occurs you will not receive an exam refund or be credited for any portion of the exam fee.

What types of questions are on the exam?

All the exams, except the "Certified Architect Professional", have questions with multiple choices with one correct answer.

The "Certified Architect Professional" has File Upload questions, needed to upload a required document to the exam, and video recording questions, to record you a video answering a question. Please, refer to the exam description for more details. 

Am I allowed to access any documentation during the exam?

No. In fact, moving out of the exam window is not allowed, and if you move to another window you will receive a warning message. After four warnings your exam will end.

What if I have any technical problem during the exam?

You can resume the exam if you lost your Internet connection. The Denodo certification site will keep a link of your exam available until you have finished your exam.

If you face any technical issue during the Professional Certification exam, you can give Mettl a call at one of the phone numbers available.

If you face any technical issue during the Associate Certification exam, you can write an email to training@denodo.com.

After the Exam

How is my score calculated?

All the questions have the same weight. Based on that, note that your score is calculated by using the following formula to get the score as a percentage:

SCORE=(Number of your correct answers / Number of the questions included in the exam) * 100

For example, if the exam has 50 questions, and you have answered correctly 40 questions, your score is: (40 / 50) * 100 = 80%

This score is the one used to determine if you have passed the exam.

When will I get my results?

For Professional Certification exams, you will receive an email with your exam results, no later than two weeks after you complete and submit your exam.

For Associate Certification exams, you will have your results immediately after completing the exam.

What information will I receive after completing the exam?

The information includes a score summary report that contains the pass/fail status and the final score.

If you have passed the certification exam, you will receive a Denodo Badge and a diploma that can be used to credit your certification. You can access the Denodo Certification site to get more information.

How can I use my achieved badge?

In order to protect the value of the Denodo Certifications, Denodo has provided some guidelines that which will help you understand how to appropriately, correctly and easily use your earned Denodo Badge.

Can I see the questions of my exam?

In order to maintain exam integrity, answers are NOT provided.

What if I don’t pass the exam?

If you do not pass on the first attempt, you must wait two weeks after the last failed attempt to take the exam again.

You may take an exam up to three times in one year from the date of your first attempt.

Where can I check my Denodo certification status?

Denodo maintains an up-to-date, online registry of individuals who have earned a Denodo certification. To verify a certification holder's status, simply enter an individual's email address in the search field and a list of matches will be displayed.

What is a certification Id?

A 'certification id' is an Id assigned to you when you have been certified in any Denodo exam. You can use this Id as proof of your certification has been authorized by Denodo.

How to use a certification Id?

The certification Id must be used in the online registry of individuals who have earned a Denodo certification to create a URL that returns your certifications. To visualize your certifications using the Certification Id, please specify your certification Id as follows:

https://certification.denodo.com/validation/< certification Id >

You will receive the complete URL link with your certification Id when you pass a Denodo Certification exam.

If you want to include your Certification Id into your LinkedIn profile, please, check the next section “How can I add my certification to my LinkedIn profile?

How can I add my certification to my LinkedIn profile?

Log into LinkedIn and go to your profile page, click on the “Add section” button and select “Licenses & Certifications” under the “Background” section. Please fill out the form with the following information:

  • Name: Enter the Certification name.
  • Issuing Organization: Enter “Denodo”.
    • Please note that LinkedIn displays Denodo’s logo for this entry. It is not possible to display the badge image here due to LinkedIn's posting restrictions.
  • This credential does not expire: Leave checked this checkbox.
    • Please note that Denodo certifications are product version specific. You will be certified on this version until the end of the General Support Date of the Denodo Platform version. For further information, please refer to the details under the section "Does my certification title expire?".
  • Issue Date: Enter the date that you earned the Certification exam.
  • Credential ID: Enter your Denodo Certification Id.
  • Credential URL: Enter the URL to the online registry. You can find more information about this URL in the section "How to use a Certification Id?".

Does my certification title expire?

Every Denodo Certification is tied to a version of the Denodo Platform. The certification will expire at the end of the General Support Date of the version of your certification.

For example, if you are a Denodo Platform 7.0 Certified Developer, your certification will expire in June 2022. For more information about Denodo Platform maintenance, check section “Supported Platform Releases” of the Denodo Support Guide.

I bought a Denodo 7.0 certification, is it compatible with the Denodo 8.0 certifications?

You can write an email to training@denodo.com to get more information.

I earned a Denodo 7.0 certification, is it compatible with the Denodo 8.0 certifications?

No, previous Denodo certifications are not compatible with the newer version of the certifications program. To get the new certifications you will need to take the Denodo 8.0 certifications exam.

However, if you earned a Denodo 7.0 certification before the release of the Denodo 8.0 certification program, your first attempt to pass a new certification exam will be free.

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