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Denodo Education Services provide the fastest, most efficient way to gain expertise in data virtualization

Education Services Overview

Denodo Education Services provide the fastest, most efficient way to gain expertise in data virtualization. Join a community of professionals who are creating new data integration strategies and architectures. Learn how to create and manage virtual datasets that unify existing data systems and new forms of data like Hadoop, NoSQL, cloud, and unstructured.

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Denodo Community

The Denodo Community is where customers, partners and users have access to information that can help them learn about the Denodo Platform, Denodo Express and data virtualization. There you will find manuals, how-to videos, tutorials, and a well documented knowledge base.

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Denodo Training

Denodo training courses provide expert data virtualization training for data professionals, including administrators, architects, and developers. The courses are specifically designed to help you build leading-edge data solutions that address your organization's data integration and information management needs.

You can follow different paths depending on your role, and benefit from different formats, such as instructor-led ( on-site, or in a virtual classroom) and on-demand. You can choose between public and private courses.

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Denodo Certification

The Denodo Certified Professional Program offers a comprehensive certification program for data virtualization/Denodo professionals of all education and skill levels. There are currently three credentials available, rigorously developed, accredited and easily transferable across borders and industries.

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