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We selected the Denodo Platform because it was easy for us to test it out in the AWS marketplace, to prove its value as a data virtualization tool.
Schoeman Loubser
Information Architect

GetSmarter is a digital education company based in Cape Town and London. The company offers premium online short courses to working professionals and is driven by a mission to improve lives through better education. GetSmarter was acquired by U.S.-based 2U. 2U empowers forward-thinking universities to reimagine education, ensuring that students everywhere can dream bigger, reach their highest potentials, and fulfill their aspirations through life-changing educational experiences. 

Smart companies know that they must always maintain a single view of core data entities, no matter how they grow or change. That is why GetSmarter, a fast-growing digital education company, implemented the Denodo Platform.

A Smarter Infrastructure

GetSmarter, based in Cape Town and London, was going through a period of intense change. The popularity of its online courses was driving rapid growth, and it was acquired by the U.S.-based company 2U. With these changes, GetSmarter found it challenging to maintain a single view of students and other core entities. 

GetSmarter implemented a microservices architecture working in tandem with the Denodo Platform, to streamline data access across the organization. Not only did the new architecture provide the single view of core entities, it also enabled GetSmarter to migrate data from legacy systems behind the scenes, without users being aware of the change.

GetSmarter also leveraged the Denodo Platform’s data governance and security features, facilitating compliance with the European Union’s GDPR, the UK Data Protection Act, and South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information (PoPI).

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