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Digital Revolution in the Telecommunications Industry

The telco industry is only second behind the media industry in likelihood to experience massive digital disruption over the next few years. With social media taking a large bite out of the text and voice business, all telecommunications companies are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs, provide higher levels of customer satisfaction, and increase revenue. To do so, they are adopting omnichannel customer outreach strategies and offering self-serviceable online customer service. In the near term, telco companies are hoping to use real-time customer 360-degree data so as to personalize promotions, campaigns, and services along the entire customer lifecycle. Some network operators are already using analytics to understand and reduce customer churn, improve network design and ticket resolution, and reduce spending. Unfortunately, many telco companies are not adequately meeting these challenges.

48% of 5,700 end customers rated their network providers to be “poor” in terms of digital services, while only 14% rated their network providers as “great” in that respect."

According to a Capgemini survey report.

Challenges in Digital Transformation

The telecommunications industry has been going through a spree of M&A for almost a decade, and most of the consolidated telco companies ended up acquiring legacy technologies and data silos that require so much hands-on maintenance that their IT departments don’t have the agility to modernize the enterprise data architecture. As a result, most of the medium- to large-sized telcos rely on too many data silos and legacy technologies. For some of the larger, more established telco companies, their aging, complex IT infrastructure prevents them from effectively competing with newer, more nimble competitors. All telcos and operators should adopt open, agile IT architectures that enable them to innovate faster in a fast changing industry while simultaneously exploiting their data troves to run effective, precisely targeted marketing activities.

Architecture Data Virtualization



Data Access

The centralized logical data access layer enables anyone to quickly and easily access data regardless of where it resides, without requiring assistance from IT.

Data Discovery

The data catalog enables users to browse, discover, and use data assets located anywhere in the enterprise. With an AI-powered recommendations engine, tools to aid collaboration, and smart-search features, users know they can trust the data they discover.

Centralized Control

The logical data access layer simplifies the data management process for IT and security teams with a centralized point from which to monitor and manage all data access.

Universal Connectivity

The Denodo Platform offers hybrid/multi-cloud support and over 150connectors to a wide variety of 3rd party systems, including:

  • BI and reporting tools
  • Cloud data warehouses
  • SaaS/cloud Applications
  • Cloud service provider data services
  • Big data/NoSQL sources
  • Traditional data sources
  • Data science/prep tools
  • Data governance tools
  • Security and Privacy tools
  • Data modeling tools

With this support, organizations can quickly and easily integrate their entire data landscapes.

Automated Infrastructure Management

Let the Denodo Platform manage your cloud-based PaaS environment, including cluster configuration (TLS, load-balancing, autoscaling, etc.), start/stop controls, automatic installation of updates, and integrated monitoring.

Procurement Flexibility

Leverage an easy-to-deploy procurement model that is available on the marketplace of your organization’s preferred cloud services provider. Leverage Denodo subscription costs against any cloud-vendor enterprise discount programs in place with options by the hour, or by annual/multi-year subscriptions. Additionally, get this same easy-to-deploy model via the marketplaces and leverage the licenses you procure from Denodo with the BYOL (bring your own license) option.

Denodo Cloud Services

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