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Denodo Cloud is a set of Denodo solutions for quickly deploying the Denodo Platform on leading public cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP); private clouds; and hybrid cloud environments. Denodo’s modern data virtualization platform is designed to integrate and deliver data in complex, hybrid, multi-cloud environments with high performance, security, and governance. The Denodo Platform has an easy-to-use, unified web-based interface that includes a codeless data design studio, system management features, automated cloud deployment capabilities, and smart query optimization powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Speed your time-to-insight and accelerate your data services across hybrid or multi-cloud environments to leverage your data assets with agility, efficiency, and security.

Denodo Cloud provides solutions to overcome cloud data challenges, including:

Data Virtualization for Cloud Modernization

Enables companies to accelerate modernization using the Denodo Platform as a data/API services layer to accelerate the development of their cloud native microservices architecture.

Data Virtualization for Cloud Data Migration

Enables organizations to simplify transition of on-premise data to cloud data warehouse and storage with less complexity and cost using a virtual data layer to mask complexity and avoid business disruptions.

Data Virtualization for Cloud Analytics

Enables real-time access to a wide variety of data sources - structured and unstructured - to provide a faster, more agile and semantically consistent foundation for cloud analytics and machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI).

Why Denodo Cloud



An enterprise-grade cloud data management solution with a state-of-the-art performance optimizer matched to in-memory parallel processing to ensure the highest levels of scalability for delivering secure, governed data for your cloud initiatives.


Ready to Use

Denodo Cloud data virtualization accelerates time to value for your cloud data integration needs with a solution provisioned in the cloud, with no need for additional installation and setup.


Start Small and Grow

Denodo Cloud data virtualization enables companies to start small, and quickly demonstrate the value of creating real-time views from disparate data sources, a solution sized for both small and large organizations, as well as departments within larger organizations.

Deployment Options

Denodo Cloud data virtualization can be deployed to support a distributed information architecture that is on-premise, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud to accommodate a variety of factors such as the location of the data sources and the users, consuming applications, the volume and the type of queries, just to name a few.

Options for deploying Denodo Cloud data virtualization include:

Using Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) leveraging BYOL (Bring your Own License)

Using the Cloud Marketplace

Deployment Considerations

The BYOL approach requires the user to purchase a subscription license directly from Denodo. If you choose to use the marketplace option, you will need to purchase your subscription on the cloud marketplace of your choice. Consider the different factors of each approach to decide which would work best for you:

IAAS/ BYOL (Bring Your Own License)

  • Customer does the installation leveraging cloud infrastructure services
  • Pricing/licensing flexibility for complex deployments
  • Non-production environments included in the subscription price

Cloud Marketplace

  • Users can get started in minutes using self-service options
  • Offers a pre-configured Denodo Cloud instance for AWS Cloud (Amazon machine images - AMI), Microsoft Azure (Virtual machine) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Has a lower entry point, reduced risk, and utility-based hourly pricing options (pay as you go)
  • A free trial is available

Denodo Product Options

In addition to the full featured Denodo Enterprise, Denodo also offers a new, lower cost option for simpler environments, called Denodo Professional. Denodo Professional leverages the same high performance, modern data virtualization technology and no-code/low-code web-based design studio to speed time-to-insight and accelerate data services.

Comparison Table Overview

Features Denodo Professional
Starting at $6.27/hour
Denodo Standard
Starting at $10.63/hour
Denodo Enterprise
Starting at $15/hour
Denodo Enterprise Plus
Starting at $21.26/hour
Pay-as-you-go (hourly) or annual subscription
Number of data sources Up to 5 data sources Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Development* and Solution Manager** Instances 1 1 1 1
Performance Optimizations
+ Smart Query Acceleration + MPP

+ Smart Query Acceleration + MPP
Security - RBAC, Authentication mechanism (LDAP, AD, Kerberos, SSO), Authorization, Encryption, Masking, and More
Data lineage
Denodo Notebook (Apache Zeppelin-based) for Data Science
Version Control
Data Catalog
Advanced Diagnostics
AI based Data Discovery and
Summary Recommendation
Collaboration Semantics - Endorsements, warnings and deprecation
Tag based policies
*Only available with an annual subscription
**Available on request

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