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Looker is an inventive software company that’s pioneering the next generation of business intelligence (BI). We believe in bringing better insights and data-driven decision-making to businesses of all sizes. The company has fast become the catalyst that is creating data-driven cultures at hundreds of industry-leading companies such as Yahoo!,, Warby Parker and Sony.


Webinar: Data Architectures for Agile Analytics

Learn about the challenges of traditional analytics approaches and how agile analytics and logical architectures can lead to successful implementations.

Podcast: Interview with Looker (live from Virtual Summit 2017)

Understand the main aspects that differentiate Looker from other business and analytics tools on the market.

Connection Guide: Looker Integration with Denodo

This connection guide describes how to connect Looker to a Denodo Virtual DataPort (VDP) database and build a simple dashboard over the data gathered from the database.