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Denodo Platform - Overview

Denodo Platform provides key capabilities for data virtualization and enterprise data services. It enables faster access and agile delivery of complex and siloed data as secure virtualized linked data services with high performance through a unified data layer. This allows applications and users to achieve independence from physical sources, supports Enterprise Data Management, facilitates re-use of business and data logic, and creates a 21st century agile information architecture.

Universal Data Access refers to how the platform connects to and abstracts heterogeneous data sources.
Unified Virtual Data Layer is the central theme of data virtualization and refers to the creation and maintenance of virtualized enterprise data entities across many sources and to serve many uses.
Universal Data Provisioning refers to how these virtual data entities are exposed to various data consumers as bespoke SQL or Linked Data Services endpoints with security and quality of service controls.
Unified Data Governance refers to how built-in and external toolsets leverage the virtualization platform as a dynamic source of reference (not source of record) to discover and manage enterprise data assets.
Agile High Performance refers to controls to dial-in the right blend of Denodo’s real-time query optimization engine, advanced caching system and its built-in batch Scheduler (or external ETL tool).
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