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Data Virtualization Deployments: How to Manage Very Large Deployments
This session will explore key features in the Denodo Platform that help with the common challenges found in large deployments: hundreds of developers, thousands of queries, and multiple environments. The features that will be highlighted include integration with version control systems, metadata synchronization and migration, monitoring and diagnosing, and resource management.
Data Science: Expediting Use of Data by Business Users with Self-service Discovery and Search
In this session, Mark Pritchard, Sales Engineering Director at Denodo discusses how Denodo expedites the use of data by business users through its new self-service discovery and search capabilities.
Fast Data Strategy Virtual Summit 2016
Choose from over 20 sessions on customer case studies, education on data virtualization, and technical deep-dives filled with presentations, panels, and demos. Walk away with practical knowledge about embedding fast data strategy within your IT projects. Become a friend of the business by providing faster insights and enabling rapid decision-making.
World’s First Fast Data Strategy Conference
20+ Sessions to Accelerate your BI, Cloud and Big Data projects
Improving Agility While Widening Profit Margins Using Data Virtualization
Industry experts and analysts recognize data virtualization as a strategic enterprise architecture, increasing agility and flexibility in the delivery of information from any source. In this video, independent analyst, Mike Ferguson, talks about the increasingly complex data landscape and how data virtualization improves business performance and agility while reducing time to value and increasing revenue in the logical data warehouse.Mike Ferguson is Managing Director of Intelligent Business Strategies Limited. As an analyst and consultant, he specializes in business intelligence, data...
Denodo Platform for Data Virtualization – sponsored by BNova (Italian)
In this document you can learn about data virtualization, its capabilities and benefits. Graphics of the architecture help visualize how it all really works, from the bottom-up. Additionally, you are provided with four different success stories as well as comments from clients about their experience with the Denodo Platform for data virtualization.
Business NeedAutodesk decided to transform its revenue model from a conventional perpetual licensing model to a subscription-based licensing model. Autodesk’s infrastructure was set up for managing the perpetual licensing model and was unable to meet the demands for business information and agility required to meet their transition to a new licensing model.The SolutionAutodesk needed an agile BI 2.0 architecture with a logical data warehouse at its core to track subscriptions, renewals, and payments. Data virtualization helped Autodesk integrate new transactional systems that manage...
Data Warehousing & BI Summit (The Netherlands)
Denodo is sponsoring the Data Warehousing & BI Summit, the International Conference on Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence with top rated speakers such as Claudia Imhoff, Rick van der Lans, Colin White and Mike Ferguson. We will be presenting our data virtualization platform in our booth, and we will also be hosting a conference showing how data virtualization can help organizations to manage their data.
Unlocking Agility with Data Virtualization
Featuring Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research. Continuously changing business demands and exploding data sources like cloud, social and big data are driving an increasing need for agility in today’s IT infrastructure, but concerns of cost continue to dominate information architecture decisions, creating a tension arising from trading off agility for cost. Get insight from Brian Hopkins, Principal Analyst for Enterprise Architecture at Forrester Research, on how organizations can harness the full potential locked in their data assets in an agile and cost-effective manner using...