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Solution Brief: Addressing the Challenges of Regulatory Compliance with Denodo & Mindtree
The volume and increasing complexity of regulatory changes has gained momentum over the past five years. To meet compliance requirements, companies need a controlled data environment and a complete understanding of data lineage from source to destination. Read this brief to understand how to address regulatory compliance in your organization.
Hortonworks Future of Data Roadshow
We are going to Hortonworks’ Data Roadshow in Paris as a Gold Sponsor, and we would love to see you there!It will be a full day of content-rich sessions on the Future of Data, Open and Connected Data Platforms, Apache™ Spark at Scale, Streaming solutions, Cloud solutions, and Business and Industry Transformations via a Big Data journey.Drop by our booth, get a free Data Ninja T-shirt and learn how Denodo Data Virtualization can benefit your organization.
Business Intelligence, Modernized: Cutting Edge Virtualization Technology Meets Advanced Implementation Expertise
SimplicityBI have successfully performed Denodo Platform implementations for a wide variety of companies, including Digital Realty, Fastaff, and TransAlta. Read this solution brief to learn about their recent customer success stories, and how Denodo and SimplicityBI have teamed up to help their customers implement solutions that impact the bottom line.
Denodo & Noah Consulting - Accelerate Your Fast Data Strategy with Denodo’s Data Virtualization and Noah’s Information Management Expertise
Speed and agility are key competitive differentiators in business – to be able to quickly adapt to customer’s changing preferences, to make rapid decisions, and to deliver products and services faster. However, is your data infrastructure designed to keep pace with it? Read the Denodo & Noah Consulting solution brief to learn more.
Partner Enablement & Training
Denodo provides world-class, role-based partner resources and training programs that address business and technical enablement needs. These are either free or at reduced prices, due to exclusive partner discounts. Learn how you can deliver new value to clients and build your consulting and systems integration business with Denodo.
Data Virtualization for Survival in Today's Market
Customers have more information and options at their disposal than ever before. Data volumes are growing exponentially, and it is becoming increasingly important to capture unstructured information from social media sites and other internet resources. Kadenza and Denodo have joined forces to offer companies a solution based on data virtualization. Read the brief to learn about the next step in implementing a Denodo-Kadenza Joint Solution for your enterprise.
Are You Ready for the Wave of Opportunities Created by Data Virtualization?
Data virtualization is changing the game. Don’t get left behind.If you are a data consultant or systems integrator with a focus on modern data management and analytics, then this webinar is for you. Chief data officers, enterprise and BI architects, and business executives are adopting data virtualization as part of their strategy to improve data access, governance, and performance across multiple initiatives in both analytics and operations.This webinar will reveal data virtualization opportunities and implementation patterns, and provide tools to build your consulting practice quickly and...
Metadata Technology North America (MTNA) Announces Strategic Partnership with Denodo
Metadata Technology North America Inc. (MTNA) today announced a strategic partnership with Denodo, the leader in data virtualization software. As part of this relationship, MTNA will partner with Denodo to deliver end-to-end solutions, products, and services to government statistical agencies, research institutions, data archives, and other users of official statistical and research data. MTNA looks forward to offering its domain and data management skills and expertise to Denodo customers.
Kadenza Announces Strategic Partnership with Denodo and Launches Logical Data Warehouse Solution
LAREN, HOLLAND - November 3, 2015 - Today Kadenza announced its strategic partnership with Denodo, the leader in data virtualization software. Using the Denodo Platform as the core solution, Kadenza plans to offer a logical data warehouse solution, which will enable its customers to efficiently provide deeper insights across all enterprise data sources while flexibly reacting to changes.
Make Money With Data Virtualization
Ideas, Opportunities and Tools for Data Strategy Consultants and Systems Integrators to Build a Successful Data Virtualization Practice that Delivers Success to Your Clients.This webinar will expose the opportunities and implementation patterns for data virtualization, the consulting and service offerings most needed today, and the tools to build your practice quickly and efficiently. It is brought to you by Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, distilled from the success of our system integration partners.Speakers & TitlesSuresh Chandrasekaran, Senior Vice President, Denodo.Annette...