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Denodo Platform 6.0 Data Sheet
Denodo Platform 6.0 delivers breakthrough performance for big data, logical data warehouses and operational scenarios with the Dynamic Query Optimizer. The Denodo Platform 6.0 now accelerates data virtualization adoption with cloud support, which enables business users to leverage self-service data discovery and exploration.
Product Demonstration: Three Dimensions of Data as a Service
Edwin Robbins, Sales Engineer for Denodo, gives a product demonstration of Denodo Platform 6.0 with a particular focus on how data virtualization enables data as a service.Watch this demo to learn:How you can integrate external with our existing data assets built in-house using data virtualization.How data virtualization can connect existing data silos within your organization and limit the amount of data shuttled back and forth.How to enable pre built and packaged analytics using Denodo's data virtualization platform. 
Accelerate Self-service Analytics with Universal Semantic Model
Edwin Robbins, Sales Engineer at Denodo gives a brief product demonstration of Denodo Platform 6.0 to illustrate this universal semantic model and how it can bring value to organization specifically in the form of self-service analytics.Watch this demo to learn how to:Move data integration and semantic later to independent data virtualization platformMake your platform purpose built for supporting data access across multiple heterogeneous data sourcesEnforce common and consistent security and governance policies
Product Demonstration: Centralize Security and Governance with Data Virtualization
Phoebe Bakanas, Sales Engineer at Denodo gives a product demonstration of Denodo Platform 6.0 with particular focus on how to centralize your security and governance with data virtualization.Watch this demo to learn how to:Centralize security across multiple consuming applicationsUnderstand role based privileges integrated with existing LDAP ADAdd column and row level restrictions applied like redaction and masking
Denodo Platform 6.0 Demo: How to Create a Complete View of the Customer with Data Virtualization
Phoebe Bakanas, Sales Engineer at Denodo gives a product demonstration of Denodo Platform 6.0 with particular focus on how to create a complete view of the customer with data virtualization.Watch this demo to learn how to:Build a single view of a business entity enriched with real time data.Connect to a CRM system, Semarchy MDM and Salesforce.Integrate with an external existing MDM system.
Demo: Data Virtualization as a Core Component of Big Data Fabric
Big data fabric combines essential big data capabilities in a single platform to automate the many facets of data discovery, preparation, curation, orchestration, and integration across a multitude of data sources.Attend this session, presented by Pablo Alvarez, Director of Solutions Consulting, Denodo to view the demonstration of big data fabric, and to learn how data virtualization constitutes a recipe for:Enabling new actionable insights with minimal effortSecuring big data end-to-endAddressing big data skillset scarcityProviding easy access to big data without having to decipher various...
Realizing the Full Potential of MDM
MDM implementations require substantial investments in not only time and money, but also in hardware, physical space, and resources. Unfortunately, many companies that have already made these investments are unable to unlock the full potential of their customer, product, supplier and other data, once mastered. This is not because of any strategic weakness of MDM, but because MDM systems can only focus on two core functions, but not those that focus on transactional data. Read this solution brief to learn how MDM combined with data virtualization can enable a complete view of the customer,...
The Economic Impact of Denodo's Data Virtualization
The evolution of data processing technologies has left many data management professionals uncertain about adopting new architectures enabled by these technologies. Should they move to a data lake or a logical data warehouse architecture? How do the legacy systems fit into this brave new world? Business users are demanding better, faster, and simpler access to the data, but they can’t risk disrupting day-to-day operations. Whether daily or monthly reports and dashboards are driven by data from a new data lake or an existing data warehouse doesn’t matter to the business users as long as the...
Logitech Case Study: Successful Cloud Modernization with Denodo in the Cloud
For several years, Logitech had been developing and delivering data services for analytics using on-premises systems. But provisioning data services for business users has been reactive, time consuming, and inefficient. The company’s modern product and service offerings, such as security video analysis and smart home devices, required predictive analytics, real-time data analytics, and cognitive science. To gain these capabilities, and be able to offer the right service to business users at the right time, Logitech wanted to move IT operations to the cloud. Cloud technology would empower IT...
Under the Hood of Denodo’s Query Optimizer
The optimizer is one of the most complex parts of any data engine; it must ensure that the execution engine is performing at its best, so understanding how it works, is crucial.This webinar deep dives into the various performance optimization techniques employed by Denodo’s Dynamic Query Optimizer and illustrates these techniques via a demonstration.Attend this session to ensure that you achieve the maximum value from your data processing infrastructure:Various components of query optimization engineDifferent stages leveraged within the optimizer and the techniques appliedWhen, how and why to...