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How Virtualization Can Help in the Journey to the Cloud
The shift to the cloud is ubiquitous these days; from specialized applications like CRMs and online marketing tools to full deployments of EDWs in the cloud. While cloud deployments carry obvious benefits, they also create new data siloes and security challenges. At the same time, on-premises systems usually coexist with cloud solutions, creating new hybrid architectures.In this session, we will explore how data virtualization can help in the transition to a cloud-centric architecture by reducing time-to-data and TCO, and adding the security needed once your data leaves the comfort of your...
The Hybrid Data Warehouse: Modern Data Architecture with Apache and Hadoop
Apache Hadoop didn’t disrupt the data center, the data did.Shortly after Corporate IT functions within enterprises adopted large-scale systems to manage data, the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) emerged as the logical home of all enterprise data. Today, every enterprise has a data warehouse that serves to model and capture the essence of the business from their enterprise systems.This paper, presented by Hortonworks and Denodo, discusses Apache Hadoop, its capabilities as a data platform and how it supports Hybrid Data Warehouse, in combination with data virtualization, to deliver a single...