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Logical Data Lakes: Performance Considerations
For big data analytics, is it possible to achieve performance with a logical data architecture similar to that achieved with a physical architecture (i.e. all the data has been previously replicated in the same location)?In this session, you will learn:Ways to exploit logical data architectures for big data analyticsHow to attain outstanding performance for very large data sets (billions of rows) through “move processing to the data” paradigmDesign patterns from customer implementations.This session is part of the Denodo DataFest event. You can also access other Denodo DataFest sessions here.
Performance in a Logical Data Warehouse
This video focuses on the performance of a logical data warehouse.Pablo Álvarez, Principal Technical Account Manager at Denodo, tackles the topic of performance by explaining the elements of the Denodo Platform query optimizer. He then challenges myths about virtual performance by comparing the logical data warehouse with the physical data warehouse using standard benchmarking tests.Álvarez covers some technical details about specific features that increase the logical data warehouse performance, using examples such as multi-source query execution, intelligent caching and the optimized...
Big Data: Architecture and Performance Considerations in Logical Data Lakes
In this session Alberto Pan, CTO at Denodo, covers the "Architecture and Performance Considerations in the Logical Data Lake." He explains in detail what a Data Lake Architecture looks like, how data virtualization fits into the Logical Data Lake, and goes over some performance tips. This session concludes with an example demonstrating this model's performance.
Intelligent Caching
Caching is one of the most important capabilities of a Data Virtualization platform to provide the right combination of high performance, low latency of information, minimum source impact, and reducing cost of needless data replication. The Denodo Platform's intelligent cache has a number of different operating modes and options which make it powerful, yet still flexible. In this article we discuss intelligent caching strategies and uses in general, and then focus specifically on how and when to use the various caching modes in the Denodo Platform.