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Video: Data Virtualization for Call Centers – Smart, Smarter, and Smarterer
Jazztel, a leading telecommunications and data transmission carrier with call centers in Europe and South America, was faced with a challenge of increased manual processing which required agents to consult and utilize many different systems to address customer queries. This session will talk about how Jazztel used a Data Virtualization platform to automate their customer information systems and achieved a customer satisfaction index of over 94%, decreased back-office workload by more than 50% and doubled their level of customer retention.
Video: Agile Telecom Information Strategies in R– Proven Data Virtualization ROI
How do agile information strategies change an organization success in the marketplace? R is a Spanish regional telecommunications company with quadruple-play offerings of phone, TV, internet and mobile. Despite entering a saturated and competitive market, R has gained nearly 70% market share by focusing on Customer Service and Product Innovation. Innovative IT strategies that leverage Data Virtualization throughout its BI and operational applications to complement existing EAI, ETL and Telecom solutions packages, has earned the company “CIO of the Year” title in 2011. This session will inform...