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Accelerate intelligent application development and delivery.

Data fuels our products, applications, and innovations from ideation to launch and beyond. The Denodo Platform equips the world’s leading SaaS, data, and ISV companies with the capabilities, tools, and expertise to access data, drive product innovation, reduce data onboarding and preparation cycles, unify data silos, and create a single semantic layer, turning what was once an operational burden into a competitive advantage.

Empower your business and your customers

Increase revenue and innovation while lowering cost and complexity

Work with a distributed data landscape with a logical-first approach

Cloud, on-premises, hybrid, SaaS, third-party, streaming, IoT – the data landscape is growing exponentially. One-size-fits-all solutions are rigid and slow. There is pressure from customers, competitors, and the market to accelerate data delivery, drive product innovation, rapidly produce Data Science and analytics-ready data, and all the while looking to optimize and reduce costs.

OEM partnership with Denodo lets you save resources and time spent building data connectors, ETL scripts, APIs, and physically moving data, freeing you to reinvest into your core platform / IP. It’s a win for you and for your customers.

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OEM Partners

With Denodo, You Can:

Quickly add new data feeds to your platform.

Create new data products, combine data faster.

Reduce reliance on expensive and time-consuming ETL.

Centralize your entire data inventory.

Provide developers and customers a Data Marketplace to shop for data.

Unify data with a single semantic layer.

Leverage AI to simplify and automate manual tasks.

Provision APIs in minutes or hours, not weeks.

Improve customer satisfaction.

Reduce costs associated with data replication and all-in data warehouses/lakes.

Respond to market changes faster – Increase competitive advantage.

Deliver improved PoC experiences.

Speed product development, test, and release cycles.

Centrally apply/manage powerful data security and governance.

OEM Partners

A Program with Capabilities that Work for You

Your customers demand access to all the data they need from a single, central source, which is hard to enable. But this is the power of the Denodo Platform.


Easily Embed

  • Quickly connect ALL of the data your solutions / customers need
  • A single semantic layer for centralized data access
  • End-to-end professional services, training, and support
  • Centrally deploy/manage security and governance policies

Grow Revenue and Reduce Time-to-Market

  • Increase agility working with a distributed data landscape
  • Provision API data services, fast
  • Speed PoCs and customer go-lives
  • Monetize ALL available data
  • Reduce time-consuming ETL scripting

Fuel Innovation and Competitive Advantage

  • Add new data sources and feeds fast
  • Combine data quickly and easily to create new products
  • Get out of the data-connector-development business
  • Focus on what matters: your solution

The Denodo Platform blends seamlessly within your existing data infrastructure

Architecture OEM

Accelerate Business Value

by adopting a logical-first approach, and save money, time and resources by not being forced to move any/all data.

Provide flexibility

to SaaS, Data, and ISVs, so they can swiftly adapt products and services to address changes in business conditions, competitive landscape, market trends, and customer requirements.


changes to the data infrastructure with a data abstraction layer that enables product teams to operate without interruption.

OEM Partners

Key Denodo Platform Capabilities

Connect to Any Data Source

  • Hundreds of connectors out of the box
  • ODBC and JDBC

Publish Your Way

  • Any BI Tool
  • GraphQL APIs

Replicate Data to Any Target – or Don’t

  • No compromise – Replicate data as desired
  • Connect and centralize data from original data sources without replication, via data virtualization

Enable Self-Service Analytics

  • The Denodo Data Catalog provides an AI-driven central interface for finding data, the ideal foundation for building analytical apps
  • Powerful AI-based recommendation engine

Centrally Apply Policies to Secure and Govern Data

Apply and manage security and data governance policies centrally, directly from the Denodo Platform

Create a Data Marketplace

  • Data catalog
  • Monetize data products and assets

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Seize the Data

With Denodo, SaaS, DaaS, and MSP companies have access to a powerful data-delivery engine that accelerates data-driven application development and provides the agility to pivot on a dime.

Denodo ISV Partner Program
OEM Technology Partners

Denodo ISV Partner Program

Welcome to the ISV Partner Program for software vendors and developers. Whether you’re interested in industry-specific solutions, platform integration, or co-selling opportunities, you’ve entered a realm of cutting-edge technology, abundant resources, and collaborative support to propel your business toward joint success.

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OEM Partners

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Want to become a Denodo partner? Complete the application form. After preliminary approval, you will receive limited access to the Denodo Partner Portal, where you can utilize enablement resources, leverage training discounts, and register sales opportunities. You will then be able to explore the Denodo Partner Program and become a full member by signing the Denodo Partner Agreement.

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