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Marcos Sakada

Data Analyst PL,

Scheila Bacim

Data Analyst SR

Rafael Paz

Customer Success Manager LATAM

Data Virtualization allows you to enable data delivery and access in an Easy, Organized and Governed manner, allowing users more autonomy to explore and analyze data, increasing the potential for decision-making.

Want to know more about how Sicredi evolves with Data Virtualization using Denodo? Join us in a session with Marcos Sakada and Scheila Bacim, clarifying Governance and Best Practices adopted by Sicredi for the delivery of data through Denodo.

Who we are: Sicredi is the first cooperative financial institution in Brazil. The business model builds a value chain that benefits the cooperative and the local community. We have more than 7.5 thousand members and are present throughout Brazil with more than 2.7 thousand agencies, distributed in more than 100 cooperatives.

Attend & Learn:

  • How Sicredi teams are organized to guarantee Governance
  • What are the Best Practices provided for developers in the delivery of data (Documentation, Development Premises and Standards and Training)
  • What are the Best Practices adopted in the delivery of data to final users (Data Access, Communication and Training)

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