Successful Cloud Modernization with Denodo in the Cloud


Avinash Deshpande

The Denodo Platform, already excellent, is constantly evolving, and getting better every day.

Avinash Deshpande Principal, Big Data and Analytics

This Swiss global provider of personal computer and tablet accessories has its headquarters in Switzerland and California. The company develops and markets peripheral devices for PCs, including keyboards, mice, trackballs, microphones, etc. In 2015, the company reported a revenue of $2 billion with its 9,000 employees.

The cloud offers many benefits, but getting there often involves both downtime and headaches. Logitech, however, leveraged the Denodo Platform not only for a live cloud migration, with minimal impact on business, but also for extended cloud benefits like advanced analytics.

A Seamless Journey to Cloud

The Denodo Platform, hosted on Amazon AWS, established a hybrid data fabric to integrate on-premises and cloud sources in real time. This fabric abstracted data consumers from the complexities of physical access, including the migration itself. After creating a single consistent data store, the fabric feeds analytics and reporting applications such as Tableau, Pentaho BA, and web services. The fabric, enabled by the Denodo Platform, has become the single source of truth that feeds the entire consumption layer.

The Denodo Platform has also freed Logitech business users to become “tool agnostic,” since all tools tap into the same unified view of the data. Through rapid prototyping and the optimal usage of resources, the platform has significantly reduced operational expenses by avoiding costly post-production fixes.

Resumen general

  • Website: www.logitech.com
  • Industria: Technology
  • Localización: Europe
  • Solution: Cloud Solutions
  • Product: Denodo Platform for AWS

At a glance

Increased productivity

via more reliable, efficient, and cost-effective analytics.

Seamlessly integrated

data across Redshift, Snowflake, Spark, and other sources.

Journeyed to cloud

as a live migration with minimal impact.

Y ahora, ¿qué?

Consigue información relevante y en tiempo real a través de los datos para impulsar la transformación digital de tu negocio