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The logical data fabric built on the Denodo Platform is the heart of the global data hub at LeasePlan. It has made it much easier to integrate internal and external data sources and has enabled new use cases as a part of the large digital transformation initiatives at LeasePlan.”
Tekin Mentes
Former Director, Enterprise Data and Analytics

LeasePlan is a Dutch automobile leasing and financial services provider that specializes in fleet management services. Since its establishment in 1963, LeasePlan has evolved into the world’s largest fleet management service company and currently operates in 29 countries across the globe. LeasePlan has over 8,600 employees and operates around 1.8 million vehicles. It operates in two large and growing market segments: Car-as-a-Service for new cars, through its LeasePlan business, and the high-quality used car market, through its CarNext business.

The Logical Data Fabric at LeasePlan

To become a digital car-as-a-service company by providing more services to its customers, LeasePlan made it a high priority to enable data aggregation from a variety of siloed, heterogeneous data sources, including SAP, Salesforce, Avaya, IBM DB2, and Snowflake. LeasePlan started with building a blueprint of its data ecosystem that included the data sources owned by the company and external data sources that were necessary for creating new business models. The blueprint made it possible for LeasePlan to visualize what data assets can be leveraged for specific purposes and identify missing data assets that should be a part of its data-driven initiatives. To efficiently knit all of this data together and ensure that it can be utilized for its intended purposes, LeasePlan used the Denodo Platform to build a logical data fabric architecture that sits at the heart of its global data hub. The logical data fabric aggregates data from various source systems and serves as a single, integrated source of all the data needed by reporting applications.

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