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PALO ALTO, CA, December 14, 2017 - Denodo, the leader in data virtualization, today announced that its customer, Ultra Mobile, one of the fastest growing mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in North America, is the winner of the 2017 Ventana Research Digital Leadership Award in the Analytics category. Ultra Mobile was selected as the winner for the best demonstration of leadership in the use or application of analytics across the enterprise.

“This year’s Ventana Research Digital Leadership Award for Analytics goes to Ultra Mobile for its exemplary usage of Analytics using the Denodo Platform for data virtualization along with Looker, to sustain unprecedented growth in the intensely of its competitive markets,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research. “At Ventana Research, we believe in recognizing companies that excel in the innovative usage of data and analytics to become more effective and efficient. Ultra Mobile has transformed the way information is disseminated and consumed throughout the organization using the Denodo Platform, and the company has successfully shifted from reactive business decision making to proactive business management. I congratulate Ultra Mobile, Mike Burkes, and Denodo for achieving such levels of success with the innovative usage of data virtualization and data analytics.”

Recognized for achieving the fastest growth for any business in 2015 according to Inc. Magazine, Ultra Mobile’s rapid advancement led to ad-hoc development and fragile datasets. Even though Ultra Mobile built a modern information platform utilizing technologies such as Hadoop, data proliferated too quickly for the company to build application-specific capabilities. This limited the executive management team’s ability to analyze data, which compromised the value of their platform. With the Denodo Platform, data is now governed through a consistent, stable process and the time-to-market of BI releases has changed from weeks to days or hours. Now, Ultra Mobile is able to quickly discover quality-of-service issues and correct them, which has significantly reduced customer churn. 

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“We are very excited to be the winner of such a prestigious award and for being acknowledged for our innovative usage of data and analytics,” said Mike Burkes, VP of business intelligence at Ultra Mobile. “The Denodo Platform has been playing a significant role in helping us to understand and serve our customers’ needs in the best possible way and helping us achieve our mission to connect the world with low cost message and voice services.”

Data virtualization is an agile, real-time data integration technology that liberates companies around the world from expensive and time consuming physical data transfer and data silos. Data virtualization delivers complete, business-critical information at a fraction of the cost and time of other solutions. As businesses continue to invest in big data, cloud, SaaS, IoT and many other modern technologies to solve business critical problems, data virtualization creates a unified information fabric, abstracting business users from the underlying infrastructure and data complexity, enabling them to solve valuable business problems faster and better.

“We are thrilled to see our customers be recognized by some of the leading research firms like Ventana Research for their inventive and modern approaches to data and analytics,” said Ravi Shankar, CMO of Denodo. “Ultra Mobile is setting an example of how companies can get rid of their data swamps using technologies such as the Denodo Platform to build a process driven, governed, and consistent view of data for data stakeholders. The Denodo Platform’s industry leading features, such as the dynamic query optimizer, self-service tool, and metadata management, is proving critical for our customers’ continued success.”

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About the Ventana Leadership Awards

The Ventana Research Digital Leadership Awards recognize organizations and those individuals with supporting technology vendors that utilize technology to advance business and IT. The Digital Leadership Awards showcase the leadership and use of business applications and technology that contribute significantly to improved efficiency, productivity and the performance of an organization. The 2017 Digital Leadership Award cover 9 categories aligned to their expertise areas: Analytics, Big Data, Customer Experience, Digital Technology, Human Capital Management, Marketing, Office of Finance, Operations & Supply Chain, and Sales, along with an overall award. The annual leadership awards are delivered by the Ventana Research team which, through its benchmark research, on-demand advisory, and education, continues to pioneer new methods for organizations to become efficient and effective in their business.


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