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Rick van der Lans

Independent Industry Analyst

Kevin McKerr

HO Sales & Marketing

To become really data-driven, organizations need to upgrade their data platforms. Their current data warehouse architectures and technologies are not sufficient to support the new styles of data consumption (e.g. customer-driven BI, data science, embedded BI) and the amount of data to be processed. New data architectures are needed and other technologies must be deployed. But what is most important is that the new data architecture is agile. It should allow an organization to easily adopt new, powerful database technologies, migrate to cloud platforms, deploy multiple clouds, store data in data lakes, and so on.

Data virtualization technology can be the heart of such an agile data architecture. It can act as a decoupling or data abstraction mechanism allowing almost any type of data consumption to access any kind of data store. It minimizes the storage of redundant data which helps to comply with GDPR, and acts as a centralized data security layer. But overall it allows organizations to develop modern and agile data architectures.

Join this webinar and learn how data virtualization can be an essential part of your modernization strategy, and future-proof your data architecture to more easily support cloud, data science, self-service BI, and other initiatives that will ensure your organization’s success in the digital age.

Working together, BITanium and Denodo enable companies to overcome their data challenges, to gain the agility they need to flexibly respond to rapidly changing business needs.

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