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Healthcare Infrastructure Conference 2023

The third annual Healthcare Infrastructure Conference 2023 will unite senior healthcare leaders under one roof to discuss why now, more than ever, it is critical to building a modern, sustainable, and integrated digital healthcare infrastructure that connects healthcare providers and services focused on Access, Experience, and Outcomes.

Denodo will be co-sponsoring this event with ESI.  Session details below: 

Session (20min):

Data Virtualization and Zero Trust

An effective strategy for improving cyber security and data access across healthcare

  • How analysts can have easy, consistent, and secure access to data
  • How to gain advantages of centralization without the costs
  • How to reduce attack surface and rapidly discover intrusion
  • How to prevent lateral movement on the network

Roundtable (60min):

Cyber Security and Data fragmentation across healthcare systems

Everyone needs access to data, but how do you mitigate a breach, secure, and govern your data?

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