Healthcare Infrastructure Conference 2023

 2023/10/03 - Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Toronto, ON

  8:00 AM ET

The third annual Healthcare Infrastructure Conference 2023 will unite senior healthcare leaders under one roof to discuss why now, more than ever, it is critical to building a modern, sustainable, and integrated digital healthcare infrastructure that connects healthcare providers and services focused on Access, Experience, and Outcomes.

Denodo will be co-sponsoring this event with ESI.  Session details below: 

Session (20min):

Data Virtualization and Zero Trust

An effective strategy for improving cyber security and data access across healthcare

  • How analysts can have easy, consistent, and secure access to data
  • How to gain advantages of centralization without the costs
  • How to reduce attack surface and rapidly discover intrusion
  • How to prevent lateral movement on the network

Roundtable (60min):

Cyber Security and Data fragmentation across healthcare systems

Everyone needs access to data, but how do you mitigate a breach, secure, and govern your data?

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