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Before deploying a Data Virtualization solution, there was no direct access to the telecommunication operators systems nor was there any standards or interfaces for automatic information exchange and synchronization (activations, migrations, etc).

In order to execute their required business processes via the Web, The Phone House needed to resolve a series of technical difficulties:

  • Deploy and maintain the solution to respond with agility to changes in the various third party web sites, which are independent to The Phone House.
  • Optimization to support hundreds of automatic navigations.
  • Create and deploy scalable and fault resistant architectures. Based on all the requirements mentioned above and Denodo's proven experience in the deployment of critical business process automation via the web, The Phone House opted for Denodo's Data Virtualization technology.

Another key factor considered by The Phone House was deployment times. The deployment times for the Denodo Data Virtualization project were extremely quick with the projects requiring completion in just weeks, resulting in a direct and rapid return on investment.

For more information on how Phone House used the Denodo Platform, visit their customer page

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