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Enterprise Data Services

Making Data More Accessible via APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the critical building blocks for today’s digital applications. They empower omnichannel customer experience platforms, mobile apps, chatbots, ecosystem partners, and other systems that are used to access enterprise data. The challenge is that APIs need data typically spread out across multiple backend systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM, core banking, core insurance, travel reservation, manufacturing execution systems, and other business-critical systems. It is both complex and time consuming for developers to aggregate data from multiple systems, but it does not have to be this way.

The Denodo Platform provides a centralized data access layer enabling developers to find, integrate, and share data securely, in real time, regardless of where the data may reside. Any data within the enterprise can be made available via RESTful web services (output as XML, JSON, HTML, or RSS), OData, GraphQL, GeoJSON, etc. Organizations can build smart applications using the power of these APIs.

When data is constantly produced in massive quantities and is always in motion and constantly changing (e.g., IoT platforms and data lakes), attempts to collect all this data are neither practical nor viable. This is driving an increase in demand for connection to data, not just the collection of it (Data Virtualization).”

Gartner Critical Capabilities for Data Integration Tools, August 2022

Enterprise Data Services

The Denodo Platform and Enterprise Data Services

A logical data management, data integration, and data delivery solution that provides real-time access to curated, high-quality data. Powered by data virtualization, the Denodo Platform establishes a logical abstraction layer across all enterprise data assets that enables immediate access to any dataset without needing to first copy or replicate it, enabling enterprise data services. When an API is invoked to request data, the Denodo Platform retrieves that data from one or more backend systems in real-time, integrates it into a standard format based on defined rules, and delivers it via the API response.

The Denodo Platform offers global search capability via the Denodo Data Catalog. With this catalog, developers can perform Google-like searches to find what datasets are available, view the metadata and the data itself to properly validate datasets, and inspect a tree view as well as detailed lineage information. Rather than spending their time retrieving and aggregating data from multiple systems, developers can focus on development, and completing projects more quickly.

Architecture Data Virtualization

Enterprise Data Services


Data Access

The centralized logical data access layer enables anyone to quickly and easily access data, regardless of where it resides.

Data Discovery

The data catalog enables users to browse, discover, and use data assets located anywhere in the enterprise. With the AI-powered recommendations engine, tools to aid collaboration, and smart-search features, users know they can trust the data they discover.


With the broadest data delivery options, including JDBC, ODBC, ADO.NET, SOAP or RESTful web services, OData, GraphQL, GeoJSON, exports to Microsoft Excel/SQL, Tableau Data Extracts, and JMS message queues, users can access data in their preferred ways.

Enterprise Data Services

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