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To ensure timely access to actionable data, seamless data integration, robust governance, and technical interoperability are crucial, and they require a modern data infrastructure. This simplifies data access, accelerates data delivery, and meets the ongoing need for advanced analytics. Such an infrastructure must effectively handle data in a variety of formats across different  platforms, including data warehouses, data lakes, data hubs, enterprise applications, and even flat files, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

The Denodo Platform is the leading logical data management solution, delivering data in the language of business, at the speed of business. The Denodo Platform provides a centralized data access layer that enables all users to find, query, integrate, and securely share datasets, in real time, with breakthrough cost-effectiveness.

This enables organizations to acquire timely, trusted, integrated datasets for faster analytics and informed business decisions, while building a strong foundation of AI-ready data to accelerate generative AI initiatives.

Logical Data Layer

Data virtualization provides a virtual or logical approach to accessing, managing, and delivering data without replicating it in a physical repository.

Data Integration

Data virtualization integrates siloed data across all enterprise systems, regardless of data format, location, or latency.

Data Management

Data virtualization enables organizations to manage related data with a universal semantic model, providing enhanced metadata and AI/ML functionality, enabling vital data governance.

Data Delivery

Data virtualization delivers and democratizes data in real time leveraging BI and data science tools, a powerful data catalog, and APIs.

The Denodo Platform

The Critical Capabilities of the Denodo Platform

The Critical Capabilities of the Denodo Platform

While many organizations have modernized their data infrastructure with cloud data platforms, they still face challenges with distributed data that is not easily accessible to all users. Only the Denodo Platform can sit above all existing data systems, providing a centralized data access layer that empowers everyone with real-time data access across the organization. Key capabilities of the Denodo Platform include:

Logical Data Abstraction

Represents all data assets in an abstracted form, decoupled from the source systems that store the data.

Smart Query Acceleration

Provides great query performance and data access using AI-powered query acceleration, aggregates-aware query rewrites, and pushdowns, caching, and materialization.

Advanced Semantics

Offers a data catalog that simplifies data discovery with AI-driven recommendations and collaboration features that leverage business semantics that adapts to the needs of data consumers.

Universal Connectivity and Data Services

Easily connect to a wide range of data sources with 200+ connectors, and publish for easy sharing using SQL, JSON, REST, and GraphQL APIs.

Flexible Data Integration

The flexibility to adapt to a wide range of use case requirements, from real-time federation to selective materialization (caching, aggregation-aware summaries), full replication (ETL, ELT, micro batching), and streaming.

Unified Security and Governance

The centralized application of governance and fine-grained security policies that apply to any data and any access method, along with comprehensive data activity audit logs.

Denodo Platform Overview

Denodo Platform Architecture

The Denodo Platform sits on top of an enterprise data landscape, enabling access to multiple, diverse data sources while making them appear as one “logical” data source to users. The Denodo Platform adheres to a logical data management architecture that is designed to optimize both traditional data sources (databases, enterprise data warehouses, data lakes, etc.) and other data sources (applications, files, web services, and the cloud) to meet a wide variety of use cases.

Architecture Data Virtualization

Denodo Platform Overview

Customer Case Studies


Customer case study: Prologis

In this video, Luke Slotwinski, VP Data and Analytics at Prologis, discusses how the company used the Denodo Platform to create a logical data warehouse.



In this video, Olav Lognvik, senior IT architect at DNB, discusses how the company used the Denodo Platform for data science initiatives.



In this video, Salvatore Cutolo, head of BI at UCB, discusses how the company used the Denodo Platform to create customer360 views in the field of immunology and neurology.



In this video, Thomas Lober, CoE Business Intelligence at Fresenius Medical Care, speaks about how Denodo is used to improve the quality of service to their renal diseases patients.

The Denodo Platform

The Business Impact of Data Virtualization, Using The Denodo Platform

The Denodo Platform

The Denodo Platform Helps Everyone Succeed

The Denodo Platform is relevant to both business and technical users, including CIOs, CDOs, enterprise architects, developers, data scientists, and cloud architects, to name a few. Denodo offers instructor-led classrooms or virtual classes with hands-on laboratories, so you can quickly learn about Denodo features, functionalities, and capabilities and what makes the Denodo Platform necessary for every organization's success.

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