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Biotechnology and Pharma

Changing Landscape of Biotech and Pharma

Biopharma, the biotechnology sector of the pharmaceutical market, and one of its fastest growing sectors, is changing the way complex diseases are treated. Biopharma products have demonstrated groundbreaking efficacy and safety and have shown promise to address previously untreatable conditions. Many pharmaceutical companies are focusing on biopharma and are collaborating with universities and biobanks to bring innovative new products to market. Despite their higher costs, global demand is turning many biopharma drugs into blockbusters.

The global biotechnology market is expected to reach USD 727.1 billion by 2025.

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Biotechnology and Pharma

Biopharma Challenges

Though biopharma is enjoying stunning year-over-year growth, the industry will soon face several key challenges as it becomes mainstream:

The complexity of manufacturing and operations

The entire drug discovery process is manufacturing and operations heavy. As new manufacturing processes are introduced, and complex new supply chain ecosystems evolve, it will be difficult for biopharma companies to produce high yields in the drug manufacturing process while keeping costs down.

Struggles in driving clinical innovation

Though pharmaceutical companies, research labs, biobanks, and universities all play a major role in drug discovery and development, creating a well coordinated ecosystem for information exchange is challenging, and it often prohibits or delays drug discovery innovation.

The new challenges of modern data architectures

While cloud computing, big data, machine learning, and the IoT are benefitting the biopharma industry to a large extent, each individual technology often creates additional data silos, restricting the benefit of the overall data ecosystem.

Continually restrictive regulatory environments

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most strictly regulated industries in the world. IP protection, drug and device safety, counterfeit drug threat, and personally identifiable information (PII) protection are some of the biggest concerns of biopharma companies.

Mergers and acquisitions

In recent years, the biopharma industry has experienced some of the most M&A deals, and some of the largest. Almost all post merger entities face challenges with operational complexity, value creation, risk management issues, cost overrun, and other issues.

Biotechnology and Pharma

Data Virtualization Is the Right Way to Handle Your Data

The Denodo Platform uses data virtualization to maximize the success of biopharma companies, whether they are sample management biotechnology firms, drug manufacturers trying to increase manufacturing yield while holding down costs, or pharma companies that need to ensure post-merger SOX compliance. Data virtualization provides real-time access to data across myriad sources without moving any data. Data virtualization brings agility and flexibility to the enterprise data architecture and faster time-to-market for products and services. It helps companies move to the cloud in the fastest possible way and helps pharmaceutical companies to address their advanced analytics and data governance requirements. Data virtualization meets all of these goals while significantly bringing down the TCO, as there is no need to physically transfer any data.

Biotechnology and Pharma

The Benefits of Data Virtualization


companies with SOX, GDPR, and GRC compliance.


the manufacturing yield for blockbuster drugs while holding down costs.


seamless collaboration between research universities, biobanks, and pharma companies, for cutting edge drug discovery.


easy post-merger integration with zero downtime for the merged entity.


the security and safety of drug discovery information within and across enterprise boundaries.

Denodo Cloud Services

The only pure-play logical data integration, data management, and data delivery platform powered by data virtualization in the cloud.

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