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  • Data Virtualization for Financial Services. Including customer delight (beyond single customer view), Basel Committee risk data aggregation and risk reporting, customer Big Data analytics, agile application development for systems of engagement and mergers, acquisitions and migrations.
  • Data Virtualization for Government, Defense Intel and Non-Profits. Including Homeland Security (aggregate intelligence and collaborative action), collaborative science and technology, Cloud services for improved efficiency and effectiveness and audit, reporting and prevention through analytics.
  • Data Virtualization for Health Insurance and Healthcare Providers. Including secure data services for electronic medical records, single view of patient and/or consumer, efficacy, safety and risk analytics and Agile BI and reporting.
  • Data Virtualization for Information and Cloud Services. Including canonical data for agile product development, Big Data extraction from Web and unstructured sources, retail Big Data analytics services and geo-spatial navigation Cloud services.
  • Data Virtualization for Insurance. Including data services for underwriting desktop, agile sales reporting and risk analytics (using Big Data & IoT), operational effectiveness, single customer view and advanced customer and risk analytics.
  • Data Virtualization for Oil and Gas. Including unified global well information repository, data services for oil & gas exploration and decision support, pipeline operational reporting & predictive analytics, power network monitoring and response system, Agile BI and Big Data.
  • Data Virtualization for Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Medical Devices. Including unified drug discovery knowledge base - scientific and competitive, clinical trials data automation, and sample intelligence.
  • Data Virtualization for Retail and Manufacturing. Including servitization optimization, single view of product catalog following M&A, virtual inventory management, Big Data analytics in retail, statistical quality control and warranty analytics.
  • Data Virtualization for Telecommunications and Media. Including single customer view across touch-points, customer Big Data analytics and contextual marketing, smart network management (operational BI and network inventory), data retention & regulatory compliance, cutting operational costs in customer service, call center and retail.

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