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Hyper-personalization will deliver the next generation of innovative banking services

It is crucial that banks develop the next level in hyper-personalized services & products for customers, delivering intelligent and highly personalized advice, services and product choice. Data-driven AI analytics will lie at the heart of this, and with the real-time growth in volume spread over a wide geography and accessing different types of complex data, the only way to achieve this in short time and on an on-going secure and governed manner, is through Logical Data Management. Denodo is the long established clear market leader in this space. Learn how we can help you with innovation and customer engagement.

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ING: The Data Journey of a Large International Bank

ING deployed the Denodo Platform to create value fast and in an agile manner. By incorporating the data virtualization technology, ING was able to re-architect its data infrastructure to support more data sources and data models.

The company focused on reporting and data science use cases, providing the appropriate support for data access, rights management, and data pre-processing. This new approach to data architecture has increased ING data teams' agility in delivering on business requirements, reducing the bank’s manual and overall development efforts.

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Solution brief

Facilitating the Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Financial services industries are undergoing massive digital transformations, driven by the need to maintain their competitive advantages against traditional and new fintech challengers.

Such transformations are challenging and can affect the entire institution on many levels. This whitepaper looks at ten such areas explaining what advancements you need to consider in each area.

Financial Services

Real-Life Success Stories

See how the Denodo Platform has helped businesses thrive

Reduced Data Replication

Reduced Data Replication

Reduced Data Replication

CA CIB's primary data management goal was to enable unified data access and analytics that enabled users to extract insights from data residing in both internal and external systems, without replication, all while adhering to data governance and security regulations.
Revolutionizing Efficiency

Revolutionizing Efficiency

Revolutionizing Efficiency

St. James’s Place is experiencing a new era of streamlined report production thanks to the transformative capabilities of Denodo. What once took much longer has now been condensed into a mere couple of days, elevating their operational agility.
Reduced Time-to-Market

Reduced Time-to-Market

Reduced Time-to-Market

SpareBank 1 needed to accelerate development processes and remove complexities in managing and maintaining data solutions. Sparebank's traditional data warehouse, with a 3-to-4-layered architecture, was not agile enough to support these requirements and new business use cases.
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A Road Map to ESG Powered by Data Virtualization

Data lies at the heart of an ESG framework, yet it remains a major hurdle. For most organizations data is stored in numerous different silos, from mainframes, to mid-range servers, different data warehouses, and of course the cloud. Enterprises have difficulty bringing all of this data together in a coherent way – and if they cannot, risk their ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives failing. They need to be able to monitor, manage and enhance their sustainability plans, and that requires consistent, joined-up data.

Read this IDC Spotlight to understand how well-managed data – captured from numerous systems, business units, and geographies – is key in supporting broader ESG frameworks.

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The Value of Using a Logical Approach to Data Management in Financial Services and Insurance

In order for Financial Services and Insurance companies to embrace a data and AI-driven future, they must effectively integrate data from a growing array of sources. This necessity has evolved into a critical requirement for establishing a solid, secure, compliant, and robust data foundation. This foundation is pivotal in generating fresh insights, suggestions, and forecasts. By establishing this groundwork, these companies can develop real-time customer profiles, manage credit risks, combat fraud and financial crimes, ensure data security, address cybersecurity concerns, expand their customer base, and enhance customer service.

“Very Useful Data Virtualization Product, Fundamental In A Modern Architecture”

— Enterprise Architect in the Banking Industry - Firm Size: 30B+ USD

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Unlock next-level innovative data management solutions for your smart factory with the Denodo Platform, the data management solution helping manufacturers gain visibility, predictability, and intelligent operations in their supply chains.

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