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Successfully ride the AI wave into delivering insurance services that are innovative, and meet the personalized needs of your customers

The lifeblood of insurance companies is information on their customers and the widespread data that can deliver AI led insights into what products and services they need and want. Anticipating their needs at every step is dependent on the quantity and quality of data available that AI Analytics can work with to deliver not only insights but also delightful outcomes.

With the real-time exponential growth in volume and complexity of data spread over a wide geography and developing at the speed of business, the only way to harness this data quickly and on an on-going secure and governed manner, is through Logical Data Management. Denodo is the long established clear market leader in this space. Learn how we can help you with innovation and customer engagement.

Insurance Webinar

How to Place Data at the Center of Digital Transformation in BFSI

Hear how the BFSI industry is leveraging data virtualization to deploy data fabric or data mesh architectures for enterprise-wide digital transformation. Watch this video and discover:

  • The latest trends in BFSI and how data and analytics is reshaping the industry
  • How a logical data architecture can help you capitalize on your data
  • How Denodo customers digitally transformed themselves using the Denodo Platform.

Real-Life Success Stories

See how the Denodo Platform has helped businesses thrive

Analyst Report

A Road Map to ESG Powered by Data Virtualization

Data lies at the heart of an ESG framework, yet it remains a major hurdle. For most organizations data is stored in numerous different silos, from mainframes, to mid-range servers, different data warehouses, and of course the cloud. Enterprises have difficulty bringing all of this data together in a coherent way – and if they cannot, risk their ESG (environmental, social and governance) initiatives failing. They need to be able to monitor, manage and enhance their sustainability plans, and that requires consistent, joined-up data.

Read this IDC Spotlight to understand how well-managed data – captured from numerous systems, business units, and geographies – is key in supporting broader ESG frameworks.

Analyst Report

The Value of Using a Logical Approach to Data Management in Financial Services and Insurance

In order for Financial Services and Insurance companies to embrace a data and AI-driven future, they must effectively integrate data from a growing array of sources. This necessity has evolved into a critical requirement for establishing a solid, secure, compliant, and robust data foundation. This foundation is pivotal in generating fresh insights, suggestions, and forecasts. By establishing this groundwork, these companies can develop real-time customer profiles, manage credit risks, combat fraud and financial crimes, ensure data security, address cybersecurity concerns, expand their customer base, and enhance customer service.

Discover how our solutions can help achieve your business objectives.

Unlock next-level innovative data management solutions for your smart factory with the Denodo Platform, the data management solution helping manufacturers gain visibility, predictability, and intelligent operations in their supply chains.

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