ABN AMRO Verzekeringen

Advancing its Data Strategy with the Denodo Platform and Microsoft Azure


Carin Velthausz
“The Denodo Platform grants the individual wishes of every user, from data scientists, to data analysts, to data consumers.”
Carin Velthausz Data Manager, ABN-AMRO

ABN AMRO Verzekeringen is a joint venture of NN Group (51%) and ABN AMRO Bank (49%). The company focuses on the Dutch private and business insurance market. ABN AMRO Verzekeringen serves more than one million customers through the distribution network of ABN AMRO Bank. The company thinks in terms of opportunities but also sees the risks. With proper insurance, ABN AMRO Verzekeringen customers increase their chances of a worry-free future.

Modernizing the Data Architecture

As a financial organization, data plays a key role in ABN AMRO Verzekeringen’s day-to-day business. Therefore, the company’s data organization is under constant pressure to provide reliable, frequent, and up-to-date data to different internal and external stakeholders including regulators such as the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM).

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for data to measure and optimize key processes. The marketing and sales departments want to measure the progress of campaigns every day, for example, counting how many policies have been sold by a particular campaign. Meanwhile, the operations department may want to monitor metrics such as the ability of the organization to keep its promises to customers by settling claims within 5 working days and focusing process-improvement efforts on those processes that will yield the best results.

However, these kinds of questions were difficult to answer with its current legacy data warehouse. It took an enormous effort to combine information from different source systems and create up-to-date reports. Usually, the business units only received monthly updates on the progress of campaigns or the quality of the services.

During the same period, it also became clear that ABN AMRO Verzekeringen was going to have to migrate important source systems to new source systems in the cloud. Therefore, the company concluded that it did not want to continue with a traditional data warehouse, which had to continuously copy, transform, and combine data.

With the data virtualization capabilities of the Denodo Platform, data is accessed virtually, and without replication. The size, location, and technology of the source systems matter much less when accessing data through the Denodo Platform. ABN AMRO Verzekeringen can now flexibly combine data from both the on-premises and cloud systems and present it to the business users in real time. Moreover, the data catalog capability of the Denodo Platform enabled ABN AMRO to create an easily accessible data portal.


ABN AMRO Verzekeringen

At a glance

Users can develop their own dashboards and reports, and can interpret data correctly

The Denodo Platform enabled the organization to create prototypes of datasets more quickly with the involvement of both IT and the business

ABN AMRO Verzekeringen now knows what information employees consult, which definitions they use, and which authentications they have in place

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